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Non-Traditional Housing Specialists

Our extensive involvement with Non-Traditional properties has allowed us to build a strong experienced team of Engineers, Building Surveyors and Technicians who have amassed a significant amount of unique experience in this specialised area.

Today we work with private owners, Councils and Housing Associations to re-issue PRC Certificates, repair original properties, complete specialist structural condition surveys and provide property specific advice.

Why work with Michael Dyson Associates Ltd?

Michael Dyson Associates Ltd is one of the only original engineers still trading today who worked alongside PRC Homes Ltd (subsidiary of the National House Building Council) in the design and execution of approved PRC Homes Licences.

PRC Certificates

Owners of precast reinforced concrete (PRC) properties and perspective owners of PRC properties often encounter issues in relation to mortgage-ability. The vast majority of mortgage lenders will not lend on a property without a PRC Certificate. This certificate provides the lender with reassurance and proof that the concrete elements within the property have been removed or made redundant in line with an approved scheme or licence.

If you think that your property is repaired however, you don’t hold the correct documentation please don’t worry. In some cases, local authorities carried out repairs however, did not issue certificates to the residents. Alternatively, documentation could have been misplaced over the years. There are a number of options in this case, please refer to Our Services, and please do not hesitate to get in touch.

If you are aware your property hasn’t been repaired, we can provide you with a step by step process to achieve mortgage-ability. Michael Dyson Associates Ltd are based in Honley, Yorskshire however, work all over the country.

Our Services

Retrospective PRC Certificate

Around the UK there are a significant number of Precast- Reinforced Concrete (PRC) Properties which have undergone structural works however, many of these houses, although repaired to a standard equivalent to a PRC Homes Licence do not have the accompanying PRC certificate. A retrospective inspection, completed by one of our surveyors can confirm the type of repair and if appropriate issue a PRC certificate tailored to your property.

Structural Condition Surveys

For properties not classified as Designated Defective, potential property investors, or cash buyers, we specialises in Structural Condition Surveys to provide an overview of property condition and potential future investment requirements. The scope of services is dependant on the property type however, covers both concrete, timber and steel frame properties.

Royalty Inspection Repair and Rebuild

There remains a large number of unrepaired Precast Reinforced Concrete (PRC) properties around the UK. Designated Defective PRC Properties in their original state are un-mortgageable.  We were one of the original engineers who designed repairs following the designation in 1984 and we continue to assist property owners with the repair and certification of their properties under our Royalty and Inspection service. This service includes stage inspections, advice, support and certification.

Review of Archives

If you believe your property has been previously repaired either privately or by a Council / Housing Association a review of our archives can be completed. This archive review may allow a PRC Certificate to be issued without completion of a Retrospective Inspection dependant on the results. Should the search not return a previously issued PRC Certificate we will be happy to advise you of the next steps.


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